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With assistance from Katlyn Shaw.  
DON'T DIE is a role-playing game inspired by many classic horror films: Halloween, Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp.  But most of all, it's inspired by Scream.  See, in a horror flick, there are rules that the young folks need to follow.  Rules of morality, sensibility, conduct, and irony. 

 Don't drink.  Don't smoke.  Don't say "I'll be right back!"  

Break a rule, and you find yourself in the hungry eyes of a killer.  Will you survive the encounter? Well, that's all up to fate.

In DON'T DIE, you and your friends are young people at a house party.  You know each other, somehow, and while you might not be friends, you'll get to know each other better tonight.  Why?  Well, there's a dead body in the garage, and somebody said they saw something moving in the trees outside.  You're all in danger, now.  The killer is coming for you.

Each of you will hold a few secret cards in your hand.  These correlate to rules for character's behavior, a chart of which everyone knows.  On your turn, you describe how your character risks their neck to survive the killer, by pushing the boundaries of the publicly known rules.  If a rule they push is one held by another player, that player reveals that card, and narrates how the killer comes after the potential victim.  They narrate their escape attempt, and draw a card.  That card will decide whether they survive, or wind up dead.

As party, you need to make those risky moves to make it to morning.  As people die, you need less to make it.  If you've risked enough after a character is killed, the rest of you survive.  If the last of you is cut down before you've risked enough, the killer has won the night.

Let's see if you can watch the sunrise.  


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